Susan Mannina

Remembering Susan Mannina

As a young woman, Susan Mannina used the many gifts she received from God to serve at the Lutheran Church of St. Andrew in Silver Spring, Maryland.  The congregation elected her to lead them as their president when she was in her thirties.  Leadership skills learned while working at the nation’s capitol were put to use as a member of two building committees, three capital campaign committees and a call committee.  Her ministry included teaching children and adults, and service as Communion assistant. While on the staff at St. Andrew she was project manager for the relocation of the congregation and the construction of a new 58,000 square foot worship and educational facility.   At the heart of Susan’s faithful discipleship was the firm belief that God called women to use all their talents to serve God in the home, church and community.  Her search of Scripture led her to question the idea that the God from whom daughters and sons receive spiritual gifts would also command daughters to not use certain spiritual gifts because they are daughters rather than sons. For this reason, Susan joined six other Lutheran Church Missouri Synod women in asking President Kieschnick and the synod’s Vice Presidents to meet at the synod’s International Center in Saint Louis. Given Susan’s leadership ability, the women selected her to draft what was an unprecedented request by LCMS women....  continue reading

JoanArcMaking an Educated Choice: Conflicting Interpretations of the Creation Narratives

 Dr. Elizabeth Goodine

Any Biblically based position regarding the relationship of men and women under God must inevitably rest on interpretation of the texts dealing with the creation of human beings, that is, on Genesis 1 & 2. While much of the argumentation over proper roles for women and men in the Church revolves around writings of Paul -- with those who prefer differentiation of roles focusing on texts such as 1 Corinthians 11 & 14 and those favoring equal roles emphasizing Galatians 3 -- those arguments build on, and thus ultimately rest on, an assumed understanding of the creation narrative. Thus, in order to make one's own educated choice in regard to these interpretations (referred to here as the "complementary" view and the "egalitarian" view), it is critical to first understand how proponents of each position interpret the Genesis texts.  continue reading

DaystarAn Argument for Women Pastors and Theologians

Rev. Dr. Matthew L. Becker

For many Christian church communities today, the practice of women teaching theology in a university or seminary is not an issue. The largest Christian denomination in the world, the Roman Catholic Church, has allowed this practice for many years. The number of female teachers of theology in Roman Catholic and Protestant universities and seminaries is significant. Less common, but still quite common in the major Protestant church bodies in Europe, North America, Asia, and Australia is the practice of authorizing women to serve as pastors of congregations. For some church communities, such as the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS), the practice of women teaching theology in a university or seminary is either explicitly rejected or implicitly unsupported and thus not implemented. The practice of women serving in the pastoral office…continue reading
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